Wonders of West Laramie

Imagine a brain floating around in outer space, bumping into planets, gathering space trash. It’s not like those space alien brain thingies from that black and white movie at all. This brain is oddly sexy – and very wrinkled. You can practically see the wisdom shimmering among those tight convolutions (rowr). Anyway, it’s spinning around in outer space, and manages to lodge itself in Earth’s gravitational pull. Miraculously, it begins receiving satellite signals. The only thing it can pick up is Bowie. The brain is amused for awhile. Then, the brain launches itself toward earth in hopes of touching down. It’s picking up speed. Flames are shooting up its sides. It vaporizes somewhere over Mongolia – all but a little speck, which is swallowed by a golden eagle right before it throws away four years of intense training hunting for its master to lose a fight against a skinny-ass fox with half its teeth missing and bad breath. That brain is not my brain. However, if it was, the unvaporized version would look like THIS upon impact:

Apocalyptic, right? Ar you impressed? Here are a few more photos from walks around the Green Belt in West Laramie:

Also, there are foxes and skunks and deer and kitties and the other day, I felt the presence of a hedgehog in the underbrush. It’s pretty and wildlifey! Basically, you should go there.

And don’t forget the semi-abandoned coal refinery (sometimes you might run into fellow explorers on the roof or in the underground tunnels!):

Anyway, as a representative of the most westernly part of Laramie, I feel an obligation to share its wonders with the world. Visit us sometime. We accept offering of chocolate malts, and hedgehogs. Thank you.

My brain’s in outer space.

– Tasha

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