sometimes people say nice things

wyo makes top fifty mfa rankings published by Poets&Writers.  according to seth abramson:

“Few programs have been as transparent and generous in their outreach to prospective students as University of Wyoming’s MFA program. Applicants sense, with good reason, that the faculty and administrators at Wyoming are deeply committed to supporting their incoming cohort of poets, novelists, and nonfiction writers both financially and through the program’s welcoming, vibrant artist community. The program’s placement in the top 50 is no surprise to those who have been following its recent efforts to make information about the program widely available and to provide the sort of services for students–including the critical component of full funding for all–that have become the hallmark of a top graduate creative writing program. It can be difficult for a young MFA program to get noticed by applicants, as there are nearly two hundred such programs nationally, but in the past year Wyoming appears to have cemented its position as one of the top new MFA programs in the country.”

while lists like these are equal parts insane/arbitrary/useful/interesting, it was nice to be included. sad though, that the rankings don’t include “best dressed” or “most likely to succeed.”

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