freedom has a birthday

It’s the Fourth of July. As the gas station over the bridge blasts a patriotic ditty (trumpets, flutes, stirring drum-rolls), I greet the day with my third cup of coffee. Then, I walk over the bridge to see if there’s a parade downtown. There isn’t one. Just this gas station music soaring over my fellow countrymen who stand at the pumps, shading their faces with “Stars and Stripes” Big Gulps. It is a good day to be an American in Laramie, Wyoming. It is a good day to drink too much coffee and stick a little flag in the weed patch outside my apartment. And to reflect on last night’s research.

As part of a nonfiction project, I tagged along with a local paranormal investigations team while they looked into a prospective haunting in Cheyenne. I held meters and directed questions towards invisible entities, including “Was your hair naturally red or did you dye it?” The investigation ended at 3 am, and then, tired, but elated, we all had to drive back to Laramie and go to sleep after communicating with the dead.

There was a tornado watch in effect until 8 pm today. It’s 7:50, and clear. Let Freedom, and its affiliates, Liberty and Justice, ring. Then, let’s all go to sleep at a reasonable hour. May our ghosts, suspended in ectoplasmic hammocks, ignore our questions, and watch the fireworks. Huzzah! Huzzah!

-Tasha LeClair

for more about independence day in laramie, please visit seriously.


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