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Chelsea Biondolillo: Colgate Fellow, Big Deal

Screenshot 2014-04-16 07.37.23

Big congrats to recent UW MFA graduate Chelsea Biondolillo (’13) for being chosen as a 2014-2015 Olive B O’Connor Nonfiction Fellow at Colgate University. We’re proud of her—the honor is well deserved—and we’re sad to see her leave the state.

She describes the book she’ll be working on as follows:

A non-fiction book about the plight of many of the world’s threatened vulture species and some of the people trying to save them. The book blends biology, ecology, travel, and memoir into a kind of love song for one of nature’s more reviled birds.

Come back through on book tour, OK Chelsea?


Gospel on Editing with Natalie Strong


This Friday we’ll sit down in the carriage house with former Paris Review Editor and former New Yorker Video Producer to discuss editing, video production, life in the NYC publishing trenches and…ranching.

Also, there will be sandwiches. Come!

Congrats to Our Most Excellent Teachers!

A special three cheers and a hip-hip hooray for Sofi Thanhauser and Daniel Freije: two second-year MFA students who have won awards from the University for their prowess as and dedication to teaching—an Ellbogen and a PIE, respectively. These things are huge honors and mean they are teaching in the best way. Way to make us proud!


A Hometown Reading With Harvey & Danielle

Join the MFA program in celebrating the publication of two new books by our beloved Faculty members H.L. Hix and Danielle Pafunda. There will be food, drink, and most importantly: great poetry.

The reading will take place on Saturday, March 29th from 5-7 p.m. at the Lockwood residence in North Laramie.

rape_mfaScreenshot 2014-03-30 12.10.56

Kirstin Valdez Quade: Live and in Laramie

Join us this Friday for a reading and Q&A with writer Kirstin Valdez Quade, and say you knew her before she became a household name.Image

MFA Reading Series: Spring Finale

 Pictures from the last MFA reading of the semester this previous Friday at the Gryphon Theatre:



second year CNF writer Sofi Thanhauser singing us a lovely song


first year fiction writer Korie Johnson


first year poet Olivia Wall


first year CNF writer Manasseh Franklin


musician Julian Saporiti (far left), MFA fiction alum/musician Jason Burge, MFA fiction alum Caleb Johnson; and second year poet Dan Freije (far right)

TOO MUCH TALENT IN ONE NIGHT! there were stories of love and high school and mild suburban witchcraft and poems of paying for Fantas in exact change and attending baby arrivals in hospitals in Equatorial Guinea and recipes for rootlessness and eating oatmeal and living out of your car in the American West and songs on being an impermanent being on Earth (come on up to the house!). LOVELY.

We hope the recruits had a good time and we can’t wait until the reading series next semester! Korie will have some large shoes to fill in for Lam Pham (fiction ’14)!


Welcome To Laramie, UW 2016 Recuits!


This weekend is a special one for us at the UW MFA—we’re welcoming 6 newly accepted writers for a weekend visit. There will be lunches, potlucks, hikes (weather permitting), a reading, and many other impromptu activities. We hope they take a liking to our little town and decide to come back in the fall as students.

But for now: welcome to town, new friends! Enjoy the weekend!

Hear Us Read — At the Griffin Theatre! This Friday!


Time for townfolk and writingfolk alike to come out and hear the MFA cohort read from their newest and most exciting work! In the words of series planner, Lam Pham:

You are cordially invited to join us this coming Friday at the Gryphon Theatre for the final installment of the MFA Reading Series. It’s been a wild and crazy ride, but as all good things must come to an end, so must the reading series for this academic year. We want to thank you for your support and hope to see you for our Spring Finale.

Korie Johnson (fiction)
Olivia Wall (poetry)
Manasseh Franklin (nonfiction)

musical performances by:
Jason Burge
Caleb Johnson
Daniel Freije
Sofi Thanhauser
and more!!!

*the doors will open at 6:30pm.

Rachel Levitsky: Live and In Laramie


Thanks to poet and activist Rachel Levitsky, who joined us for a Q&A this week and gave a public reading at our favorite in-town venue, Night Heron Café. In the Q&A, we spoke about:

• Feminist Poetics

• Belladonna* Press

• The Sentence

• Pizza

A great time was had by all! Thanks for coming to visit us, Rachel!



Spring Reading: Be Our Late Valentine

Our second reading of the semester went off without a hitch. Congrats to Nick Mangigian (fiction’15), Auesta Safi (poetry ’15) and alum Jason Burge for stunning, beguiling & rocking a packed house at the Night Heron café!


the three readers of the night!


first year fiction writer Nick Mangigian


first year poet Auesta Safi


MFA fiction alum Jason Burge


second year CNF writer Sofi Thanhauser and second year poet Dan Freije giving a warm and folk-y musical performance.

How was it? Let’s say vivacious/tender/lonely/songful—across the board!

Way to go cohort! Here’s to the next!


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